It is in the construction! Marketing what you do for clients to see.

Anybody can create something on a page for you to see. Let me tell you, so much goes into construction of a website if it is done properly. However, these are things you’d never see. Some marketing guys would have you thinking of rocket science or it’s magic, some will say you need to pay a 3rd party in order to rank well to be found when someone is using Google or other search engines. We have worked to help clients escape from $1200 pay-per click a month scams as well as hostage type situations and tactics. We will show you what we do and explain why and how search engines work to index your website to come up with a score that will decide where you land in reference to similar businesses in the line order for results. While working together we will understand your clientele, your interests, and your key term words used daily in your business that you know like the back of your hand. These words and terms are ones we would not hear or think to use because we are not the experts you are. This is why communication is the most important part that needs to be done right!

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