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So many new spam emails offering content writing services are falling into our junk mail folders. Generally speaking there is usually fire where you see smoke. With this uptick in content writing services would tell me the importance of fresh website content is on the climb and never been more important.

Beware of any of the tactics used by any people, persons or company helping you out with your website or digital footprint representative to your business. They can affect your ability to connect with your target clients in ways that can set you back. Some of those ways could even result in a blacklisted website that no one can see period via Google. 47.7% of the people world wide access the web via Google.

Anyone that does not understand this will not be in business long moving forward with marketing. Even in relevance to any competitor that is clear on this subject and performing in the way search engines are demanding.  User friendly websites, responsive and fresh content lengthy in description on the page subject are the best areas to start with trying to achieve higher ranking. The good news is that you can do this yourself. Perfect grammar is not what is looked for in the ranking content combination near as much as the ability of the writing to answer a question to a search engine users liking. Again, User Friendly.

Fresh content with word counts minimum 300 words per page and a great count to be 450 to 650 words per page. This is where importance to detail and synonyms can be worked to make since to user and the search engine looking for information, When a website  is running right, created right it can change the course for any business and change your life, client base, over night.

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