Marketing Madness and truth and toll


Marketing in 2018 has reached a new time low in the quest to track information to better target any consumers. Advertising clients paid big money to deliver messages to the like-minded individuals. Fitting the design of the ad and maximizing market dollars was the intended purpose of marketers.

Understanding the human mind and cognitive thought patterns can help you become a better person or shopper.  If you are more informed about marketing schemes, you can start to see the true intentions behind advertisements. You will also be to share your knowledge with others.

Have you felt like you’re surrounded by angry people? Have you noticed a difference in society within the past five years? Take a close look at your social media avenues. Marketing companies have discovered a world where ad work has grown to garner colossal views.

Geo-tagging allows for a picture, post, ad, etc., to have coordinates attached to its data information. This means that the information needed to understand when to target a certain demographic is available for daily use.

When it comes to this information, planning is the key and controversy is the lock. Graphic designers are paid to make ads that hit nerves and push buttons for not just you, but also your friends, family, and coworkers. Have you ever wondered about why you see certain ads? 

The same artist that created an ad for one political party has made a separate, opposing ad for the other political party. Politics is the strongest example to showcase what geo-tagging is.

When you see a post of this nature and comment, like, or scroll past it, there is a complex tracking code. This tracking code creates a profile of information for the marketing company.

I have spent plenty of money on behalf of marketing to my clients. The average person would have no idea. Take a minute to read this and understand the process described here. Spread the word to friends, family, and those who aren’t tech-savvy.

When you like a political post, the information regarding the post and your interests is used to create a profile. That profile is sold to companies such as Google, Facebook, etc.

Anyone who has paid ads on their site is guilty of creating, and or buying, such a profile. This profile includes information such as your age, gender, income, etc., is gathered.

This information is utilized by experts. Most advertising is created to stir up emotions that will drive you to comment, share, or post in regards to it. Newer advertisements are pushed to the viewer whose data is then collected. In this advertisement, the art and ad is the product for sale. When we see things we agree with it draws us towards it; things we don’t like push us away.

The problem occurs when we let the raw emotions we have cause major problems in relationships. Everything we do online is recorded and indexed in a process that gathers data for a variety of reasons.

Beware of this tactic! Nothing is more important than family and friends. We will not agree on every area in politics. When a marketing company discovers what political stance you have, they are paid big money. Do you still think Facebook is free? 

The cost is the friendships we lose, the strained relationships that come as a result of, or even employment issues. In some cases, I’ve witnessed people sharing posts without an idea of the cost. The reach of these marketing companies is far, powerful, and sometimes hard to see! People can treat you a certain way based off of your political stance-which they found out by the click of a mouse!

People that do not like confrontation might never alert you to how they feel.  They may smile at you to your face but internally shy away from you. This behavior can result from finding out your political views on Facebook.

Now you know to ask yourself what the purpose is behind a post. You also know to ask yourself what the potential cost is. These post wars between family members on Facebook and off-colored comments are indexed by marketing companies. Even if you delete the post, it is stored away somewhere in the cyber world. What we say will define you as a person and it will become what you are known for. Generations to come will judge us by these social media times.

Positive posts will work the exact opposite. These posts will help friends and family grow from positive reinforcement, and people will want to be around you. If you own a business, this can, and will, drive people to use your business! It is just that simple to be a better person. It is free to be a better person-and it feels great!

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