specific page rank tips and risks

If you want your page to rank for a specific keyword, you need to write at least 300 words on the subject, or risk it being considered a ‘thin content’ page by Google and you want to avoid that.

You should optimize a single page for a certain keyword not an entire website, so don’t create pages that compete with each other! Yoast SEO will warn you if you write more than one post about the same keyword. A simple solution is to use a variation or a long tail keywords.

Do understand the difference in construction of any website can make-break your business and ideas. If you have any questions about one you might be building now or having done in the future. You can always call Kc Full Service questions are answered for free. Because of so many scams if you feel you were a victim with your business or have had URL targeted marketing against you, we can help. We are showing a new front to website design both affordable and value to our clients or they pay nothing.

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