Data Tracking Website Usage

While data trackers make a lot of the information about your digital activity somewhat anonymous to protect privacy. The information can still be used by KC Full Service and other digital marketing experts to match you with an IP address or social media profile.
Simply Google analytic and dashboards tell us what your IP address is, the keywords you’ve used, other sites you’ve gone to.
Simply put if you are in business and loose ground year to date. I bet I know why: Big or small all the same. Bigger get complacent, smaller look for value and cheap templet Wix or Go Daddy builder do it yourself can hurt you more then help. As well someone will be there in that hook to take your money and offer service or pay per click. Search latency speeds and dedicated/proxy servers to understand more.
I have witnessed the older web design tactics like key word stuffing now hurt your web site index score or crawl. If your website is one constructed this way it needs reworked with synonyms to key words worked into fresh content. This alone will increase Google search placement and the ability for a business to be seen by a client.
The truth is if your designed with a user-friendly number one answer to every question, fresh content on the fastest server you can afford. This will increase control over your success more your way. If a business is not found from potential clients on Google the competitors will be. This is the undeniable fact I know today.
Whom ever your choice to get this fixed it should be your number one concern. I have fixed five over the last three months. I can fill you in every step of the way including Geo-tagging clients from your competition. Terms of search engine results and competition name directly searched and yours to be seen as alternative in choice or better price point. A safe way angled from technology trial and error with long nights only someone with passion has to understand complexity that changes direction daily. There are a few around, if you are one yourself you understand every word said well. Just build a website, anyone can do. Search result example from anyone you might hire. See where they rank? We are in Belton Missouri and available to call any time with questions or visit to go over your website even discuss a project.
Google anything website related and Belton and see where Kc Full Service ranks. This is how to check your website help offers, proof.

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What makes a website rank well with search engines?

What makes a website rank on Google?

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