Geo Tagging websites and Marketing

The commonly foreseen intelligent website platforms and marketing systems that are embedded, personalized and adaptive, and which anticipate user needs, require methodologies for filtering, weighting, and sorting of content are never seen but felt the most in Business today.

Kc Full Service has examined the opportunities and limitations of Geo-tagging and websites. The study tested an automated tagging procedure. The results show that the first implementation of the tagger works well but can be improved
to arrive with even more accurate results. The inclusion of information from content of
the website which is included in the crawling process used by Google can be used to arrive with an
improved tagging procedure. In combination of information matching Geo-Tag the phones ring.
The complexity of today’s information society is correlated with the overabundance
of data caused by the Internet and other information technology accomplishments. In
this sense, technology increases complexity as well as uncertainty for the users.
However, it appears that technology is also the only means to reduce uncertainty,
which implies even more information technology applications. This post presented
Geo-tagging as one of these approaches, which could help users to better manage this paradox development in page ranking.

If you are having problems with your website ranking and or the availability for potential clients to find your business this will help. Be sure to clear any other issues with your URL. If I can help you with this give me a call. I love to help any business small or large. I can achieve good ranking in a small business to be found next to big business in a generic search. This will level several playing fields for your company and let clients find you. Out bound sales people, paper ads, TV commercials are dead in 2018. If this is not realized, Some business’s will fail as competition that paid attention will continue to dominate markets.

With a money back promise to success as well if you do not rank top for the work we put in you will not receive any invoice that month or before you do. There is a difference from a free website “Wix” or a “Go Daddy template” think about that, Anything that depends on your success is never free and requires hard state of the art technology to achieve. I am willing to show you, risk free to you.

Belton website help tips

Please read over the website for more questions. I have answers in a mission to be a full service provider for anything website or digital marketing. Please give me a call. I answer questions for free.  We will only be able to help so many clients before we will be a private consulting company. This is how to measure success! Helping, With 50 clients in the Kansas City area. We encourage you check a couple for where they rank and land when you Google search the service they provide and even give them a call. Then it will be clear there is such a difference in who will represent your look and message to a world market. We can get started now. When you have spent valued marketing money with someone that did not have a clue and you realize it. I can still help. You have my word and this is risk free. On my time, My money to prove there is a lot of talk on this subject.  Only a few dedicated as I am to being successful at this.

The reflection of your website is a direct reflection on my work. Call me, it will shine in all the right places.

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KC Full Service “Client Service” Website design, Graphic Design, Counter marketing, S.E.O”

List order of completed or re-designed websites. Phone numbers on the pages to call for reference and verification of success.    in construction now.     redesigned 5 year client  Keyword/ window tint Kansas city    redesigned 6 year client Keyword/ insured tree service  redesigned 6 year client Keyword/ Anything searched car audio

More examples on request or click this link to view more. 

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